Celtic Astrology Etchings
According to Helena Patterson, the Druids of ancient Britain had a zodiac wheel based on the lunar cycle rather than the sun. The Celtic signs are similar to the astrology with which we are familiar.Each sign has a tree linked to it, as well as a ruling deity, animal symbol and ogham sign. There are other interpretations, which have as many as 39 trees representing different dates.
To the Celts time was circular rather than linear. Days and festivals began at dusk rather than dawn. the Celtic year began with Samham on October 31st when nature appeared to be dying down. The first month is Samonios or 'seed fall'; from death and darkness spring light and life.
  Each etching comes in a 9 inch square mount and is accompanied by a description of the attributes of the sign as well as the ruling deity and the animal symbol.

                                   15 each , post and packing 2.50.
               To order please email; carorileyart@gmail.com or phone 01287 660456                                           .
They are also available as cards, with description included under the image, for 3 each.

I have created a series of etchings based on the Celtic Astrology -they may not be entirely accurate but they make nice birthday gifts and I have been surprised by the number of people who find the descriptions on the reverse of the prints fit quite well with the characteristics of the subject!